Somalia: Deni’s Shocking Revelation of Private 2yrs Talk With Farmaajo

Puntland leader Said Abdullahi Deni on Sunday night accused President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo of planning to govern the country “by force”

Speaking to Puntland elite at the Puntland Development and research center in Garowe Deni said he feared the country’s trajectory is headed into a civil war.

For the first time Deni opened up publicly on his two years private talk with Somali president Farmaajo.

“When I asked Farmaajo how can you govern the country by force? He replied Al-Shabaab rules by force,” Deni told the gathering.

Deni claims at one point President Farmaajo boasted about having amassed wealth, troops and patriotic forces that will support his endeavor.

“Farmaajo called me and we were discussing the issue of opposition candidates and I asked him why he fired at rival SNA forces he told me every one who violates the law will be prosecuted,” Deni said.

“Sometimes I wonder if the real threat is Al-Shabaab or the Villa Somalia,” Deni questioned.

Deni’s remarks comes after President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo held a conference on Sunday on the electoral dispute at Villa Somalia in the absence of Jubaland and Puntland leaders.

“Since Puntland was hosting Heritage annual forum for ideas and was the first time it was held in Somalia. I saw that as an opportunity and we hold talks and iron our differences,”

“All leaders from around the country participated in the forum except the president and his Minister.”

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