Somalia: Aamin Ambulance Claims Govt Blocked Access to Injured Civilians in Friday Chaos

Somali government forces blocked emergency medical evacuations for victims of gunshot wounds on Friday.

According to Aamin Ambulance medical doctors, they were denied access by the military despite calls for help by protesters.

Dr. Amin Abdullahi, an official with Amin Ambulance, said they were denied access to help people respond to calls for help from relatives who were in critical condition.

“Soldiers stationed in the streets refused to assist those in need at the time,” Dr Aweys Abdullahi.

“We told the army that there is a situation that needs to be addressed and thet we want people with injuries or others with asthma or wounds but we were not allowed,” he added.

Ishaq Mohamed, who is also Amin Ambulance, said that they could not reach the injured youths and take them to hospitals.

“In three cases we were called in for help and the army closed the roads and blocked us,” said Isak Mohamed.

Aamin Ambulance is the only ambulance that offers free service in Mogadishu.

They respond to calls ranging from minor injuries, accidents, pregnancy-related complication and illnesses to the explosion.

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