Somalia: 150 Somali Elite Soldiers Begin Training in Turkey

Turkey has started military training for over 150 Somalia’s newly recruited elite soldiers as part of a plan to train a third of the country’s armed forces.

The Turkish Defense Ministry says the troops are undergoing commandos training at an anti-terrorism training school in Isparta in southwestern Turkey.

A statement from the ministry said the training began on 21 December last year and is going on as planned.

Turkish Ambassador to Mogadishu Mehmet Yilmaz has previously said that Turkey has prepared a complete plan to train a third of Somalia’s 16,000 troops.

Turkey is supporting the Somali government in rebuilding its military and infrastructure.

In 2017, Turkey opened its biggest overseas military base in Somalia’s capital.

Since president Tayyip Erdogan’s came to power Turkey has become a close ally of the Somali government in recent years.

Somalia is currently recovering from the collapse of its armed forces in 1991 following the fall of the military government.

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