Somalia: OCHA Somalia – Tropical Cyclone Gati Update #3, As of 25 November 2020

• Tropical Cyclone Gati is expected to dissipate in the coming hours, leaving a trail of destruction especially in Bari region.

• According to Puntland authorities, an estimated 66,000 people among the 180,000 affected will need direct humanitarian assistance.

• An inter-ministerial committee and humanitarian partners recommend lifesaving assistance as Cluster partners start responding with the few emergency stocks available.

Situation overview

Tropical Cyclone Gati has weakened and is expected to dissipate in the coming hours, leaving a trail of physical and economic damage especially in Bari region. According to estimates compiled by Puntland authorities, the cyclone has affected about 180,000 people including fishermen, pastoralists, farmers, traders and other vulnerable groups, such as refugees and IDPs.

An estimated 42,000 people were displaced mainly in Bossaso, Xaafuun and Hurdiya towns. Of these, 27,000 abandoned their homes temporarily after moderate to heavy rains that lasted for more than 24 hours flooded Bossaso town and surrounding.

Puntland authorities estimate that 66,000 people among those affected will need some form of direct humanitarian assistance, including for livelihoods. Support is also needed to repair and clear blocked roads to reach affected people as well as fix damaged water supply infrastructure in the towns and schools. The road connecting Xaafuun and Hurdiye and the feeder roads between Iskushuban and Hurdiye are impassable due to flash floods and deluge.

In Somaliland, the meteorological department of the Ministry of Agriculture reported rains in Badhan (60 mm), Ceerigabo (35 mm) and Ceel Afweyn (8.5mm) on 23 and 24 November. The department forecasts that rains will continue in Somaliland for the next four days, with some coastal areas in Berbera district in Wogooyi Galbeel region and Zeylac district in Awdal region expected to receive moderate rains (20-40 mm).

According to FAO’s Somalia Water and Land Information Management (FAO-SWALIM), rainfall amounts and wind speeds have reduced in the last 24 hours in many areas along the storm path. This trend is expected to continue as the storm gets weaker, and the situation is expected to stabilize thereafter. The rainfall forecast for Somaliland and Puntland is calling for moderate rains in the next couple of days and a reduction towards the end of the week.

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