Somalia: Farmaajo Pledges More Youth Role in Rebuilding the Country

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has met with some of the Somali youth to discuss their role in rebuilding the country, strengthening governance, leadership and community development.

Responding to questions from a group of pro-government youths, the President pointed out that many youths who were imprisoned in foreign prisons have been repatriated by the government, who are now living in dignity in their country and are part of the youth. Somalis who stand for a better future for the country and its people.

“Somali youth are the arm of our country. It is the duty of the Nation to encourage the realization of their vision and efforts to rebuild the country. My government is committed to ensuring the role of youth in politics, social affairs, national defence and the economy. “

The President shared with the youth the government’s efforts to empower the youth to lead government institutions and the Armed Forces, which will ensure plans aimed at ensuring a prosperous Somali government while preserving its independence and the dignity of our people.

The President thanked the youth who were present at the priority given to youth and confidence in their ability to lead, and showed its commitment to the integration of youth arm of the most powerful in society, to score fruit anti-tribalism and corruption plans.

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