Somalia Approves U.S. $671 Million Budget for 2021

The Somali Cabinet meeting approved the government’s annual budget for 2021 which includes election expenses and development.

The total budget for 2021 is $ 671.8 million and is divided into three parts, Internal Revenue 260.1 million and Budget Supplement which is 170.9 million, while projects are 240.8 million.

The Cabinet meeting was chaired by the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble and agreed on the legitimacy of all decisions made by the Council of Ministers of the Transitional Federal Government, including rules, policies and agreements.

“Today, I chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Federal Government of Somalia to approve the Government’s 2021 Annual Budget as part of the cost of the upcoming elections in the country,” Prime Minister Roble twitted.

The budget focuses on the implementation of the national plan and is allocated 38 million for development which will be spent on related issues.

1. Health

2. Education

3. Prevent floods

4. Justice and the judiciary

5. Reconstruction of roads

6. The Constitution

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