Somalia, Eritrea to upgrade 2018 Asmara Agreement-Foreign Minister

Monday October 5, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) – Somalia and Eritrea have resolved to accelerate the implementation of the 2018 agreement which saw the two countries restore diplomatic relations follows years of isolation.

Eritrea’s foreign affairs minister Yemane Meskel said a meeting between President Mohamed Farmaajo and his host Isaias Afwerki focused on building on the agreement to bolster relations between the two countries.

“President Isaias Afwerki  and President Mohammed A. Mohammed held extensive talks at State House today focussing on bolstering the Eritrea-Somalia cooperation framework and consolidation of a strong, independent and sovereign Somalia,” the minister said in a tweet.  “They agreed to upgrade the all-rounded 2018 Asmara Agreement.”

Farmaajo arrived in Eritrea Sunday from Juba in South Sudan where he participated in the peace signing ceremony between the Sudan and three rebel groups.Meskel said Farmaajo who is in the country for two days ‘will also visit various development sites and projects.’

Somalia and Eritrea resumed relations in 2018 following diplomatic engagements spearheaded by Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The two countries had maintained cold relations following accusations by Somalia in 2009 that Eritrea was financing and supporting th militant group Al-Shabaab.

The UN Security Council lifted sactions against Eritrea in late 2018.

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