Baidoa based 8th Brigade Officers complete ‘groundbreaking’ UK army conducted training

Wednesday September 30, 2020

BAIDOA (HOL) – Officers from the 8th brigade of the Somali National Army has concluded a staff and command training conducted by the British Army in Mogadishu.

The British embassy in Mogadishu said the Brigade Headquarters training which is a first in a generation was crucial in imparting skills key to enabling the soldiers conduct effective operations.

“The course covered planning and conducting stabilisation operations, and 19 SNA officers trained to work alongside national and international security partners including the Somali Police Force and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), as they battle against Al Shabaab,” a statement from the embassy read in part.

British ambassador to Somalia Ben Fender termed the training ‘ground breaking’ noting his government was committed to building a strong and professional army in Somalia.“Effective planning and oversight of operations is vital to defeat Al Shabaab, and our ground-breaking course for SNA officers will give them the skills that they need in order to plan and conduct effective operations,” ambassador Fender said.

“The UK is helping to develop the core of a strong professional army that can keep Baidoa and its surrounding areas safer. We are committed to supporting Somalia in its fight against Al Shabaab.”

The command and staff course for Somali National Army (SNA) officers from Baidoa, was delivered by British Army personnel deployed on Operation TANGHAM.

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