Somalia: Somali Police Burn Six Kg of Seized Bhang

Security forces in Mogadishu have destroyed six kilograms of bhang that was concealed in bags following operations carried out in the capital on Wednesday.

Abdiqani Mohamed Qalaf, spokesman for the police force in charge of prisons said the bhang which was packed in small quantities intercepted by the officers manning a security checkpoint near the Mogadishu port road.

“We gave a chase to the tuk-tuk driver and we got stuck because people were overcrowded,” Abdiqani said.

The bhang was set ablaze in a brief ceremony witnessed by police officials and the members of the public in the capital.

Abdiqane also strongly warned drug traffickers and said any drugs that will be seized will also be destroyed in a similar manner.

Mogadishu has in recent months attracted focus as far as the war against drugs is concerned following numerous incidences where Khat and illicit Alcohol were nabbed and destroyed.

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