UN, partners ‘regret’ failure to achieve universal vote in Somalia

Monday September 21, 2020


MOGADISHU (HOL) –  The international community has termed ‘regretable’ Somalia’s failure to realise the one-person-one-vote goal following the adoption of an indirect elections formula by president Mohamed Farmaajo and Federal Member State leaders last week.

Led by the UN and other key partners including the US, the international community said the recenlt adopted Model in Mogadishu fell short of universal elections goal.“The partners observe with regret that the announced model falls short of the longstanding Somali goal of direct voting for members of parliament in this electoral cycle,” a statement released Monday evening read in part.

The partners called for ‘free, fair, transparent and inclusive’ in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

In the option endorsed by FGS and FMS leaders last week, 101 voters will elect one MP while Senators will be elected by FMS parliaments. The voters will be selected jointly by elders and civil society groups.

“Looking to the future, international partners encourage rapid progress to establish other Somali democratic institutions, including the judicial services commission and the human rights commission, along with efforts to advance the review of the Provisional Federal Constitution and ensure respect for international commitments on human rights,” the statement added.

The international community including the UN Security Council has variously called for one-person-one-vote elections in Somalia.

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