Civil society group decries delays in electoral deal, urge Farmaajo, FMS leaders to break stalemate

Thursday September 17, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) – A civil society coalition in Somalia has expressed concern over failure by the country’s leaders to reach a timely agreement on the model of upcoming elections noting that was fast running out.

Somali Civil Society Coalition said Thursday in a statement following a meeting in Mogadishu that the delay by President Mohamed Farmaajo and the Federal Member State leaders to reach a deal was ‘concerning’.

“The Somali Civil Society Coalition is concerned over the inability to resolve differences in order to save time and how they failed to reach agreement in order to hold the 2020/21 election,” the statement read in part.

newsThe meeting which brought together elders, youth, women and civil society leaders urged the FGS and FMS leader to resolve their differences and reach a consensus on the electoral stalemate but warned they will take up the matter should the leaders fail to agree.

“If they FGS and FMS leaders fail to reach an agreement, we urge a national conference convening women, youth, elders and religious leaders and professionals to resolve the stalemate be held,” the coalition said.

They also called on the country’s leaders to adopt consider power transfer mechanisms used in previous years adding the leaders should ‘respect and hold elections on time’.

The FGS and FMS leaders meeting in Mogadishu are yet to reach a consensus on the electoral model.

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