Somalia: Teen Raped and Thrown From 6th Floor in Mogadishu

In a horrific incident, a girl who was 19 years allegedly gang-raped and thrown from the sixth floor on Saturday in Mogadishu.

The girl identified as Hamdi Ahmed Mohamed recently graduated from high school and was allegedly thrown from the sixth-floor apartment.

According to Hamdi Tahlil Ali, the aunt of the victim six suspects have been arrested by the CID.

“I learnt that my daughter was thrown from the sixth floor in an apartment yesterday, I’m shocked we checked her body and she was raped,” said the Hamdi Tahlil.

The incident comes months after the case of a three-year-old girl and her sister four years old were abducted outside her home in Afgoye town 30 kilometres west of the capital.

Last year, a 12 years old girl was abducted gang-raped and murdered in Puntland state.

Rape in Somalia often goes unpunished and most of the victims have traditionally been forced to accept compensation such as camels or livestock and marry their assailants, a centuries-old practise designed to end the war between rival clans.

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