Somalia: Turkey Equips Somali Troops It Helped Train With New Armour

Turkey on Thursday donated 12 new armoured personnel carriers to the Somali National Army to support its fight against al-Shabab.

The Somali Defense Minister Hassan Ali Mohamed and Somali Armed Forces commander Gen. Odawa Yusuf Rageh received the donation at a ceremony held in the capital Mogadishu on Thursday.

Turkish ambassador to Somalia Mahmet Yilmaz and other government officials were present at the ceremony.

General Odawa Yusuf Rageh thanked the Turkish government for their vital role in the reviving the country’s army.

“I thank the Turkish government for the new armoured personnel carriers and their continued support,” general Odawa said.

The Turkish ambassador Mahmet Yilmaz said Turkey will continue to support Somalia.

On Monday Turkish government donated 12 military vehicles that were intended to promote Somali forces in the fight against Al-Shabaab fighters in the country.

The Turkish government has been able to focus on development and construction in Somalia without coming to direct conflict with other states in the region.

Turkey also built the biggest military in the Somali capital Mogadishu which has a capacity to train at least 1,500 soldiers at a time according to the Turkish officials.

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