Dhusamareb parliament will not table motion against speaker

Friday August 28, 2020

Dhusamareb (HOL) – Regional parliamentarians in Galmudug have rebuffed reports that they were preparing to table a motion to remove their parliamentary speaker Mohamed Nur Ga’al.

Galmudug lawmakers announced the State Opening of Parliament as lawmakers took their seat for the second session of the Galmudug Parliament in Dhusamareb.

The Parliamentary organizing committee said that there was no reason to file a motion at this time, saying that they were satisfied with the performance of the speaker and the current administration.
“We want to address the public about the rumours (to remove the speaker), we are not ready to submit a no-confidence motion. We are satisfied with our minister, our president and our chairman,” said a member of Parliament who was organizing the session.

The second session of Parliament was opened by the President, Speaker of the Senate, and Speaker of the Parliament.


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