Every word Chelsea’s Toni Rudiger said on Bayern Munich, Willian and Callum Hudson-Odoi

Recovered from FA Cup final defeat?

It’s a different competition. The Arsenal game was one for itself. We were disappointed. This is a different competition. We lost the first leg but this is now a situation where we have nothing to lose. The pressure is not on our side and that can be something good for us. We just have to go on the pitch and put in some pride and try the best we can.

Why are you so bad in defence?

It is normal that people can criticise because we have conceded way too many goals. I think after this game this is something we need to analyse and address and try to improve.

If end of season is tomorrow how hard to go again for new season so quickly?

It’s the same for everyone. We just need to adapt to it. It is not much of a holiday we are going to have. Then you have time until the first game of the Premier League. I don’t know when the first game is. We will have time to improve things.

Trying to get Willian to stay?

He is own man and he makes decisions for himself. I don’t know what the situation is yet. But if he goes it will be a huge loss for us. Especially after the restart people could see he was very important for us.

Big night for Callum Hudson-Odoi?

“First of all Callum is a young guy and has loads of talent. In a game like this, not just because it’s Bayern Munich and there were a lot of talks and everything, he wants this type of game. That’s why you play football. For him of course he wants to prove a point.”

First leg didn’t show the real Chelsea, did it?

“This is what we want to do. The way they beat us in the first game, like I said before we’ll go out to show some pride. Also the situation that they have to more to lose than us – sometimes that can be an advantage.”

How good is this Bayern team compared to when you were at Stuttgart?

“They are a good team, we all know. That time with Jupp Heynckes they were good, they were also good with Guardiola. Of course, it will be a difficult night but as I said before we have to go out and prove it to ourselves and show some pride, try everything to turn it around.

What has Willian taught the young wingers?

“He showed it on the pitch. He’s someone who is not really vocal, he’s not a guy to speak too much but on the pitch he does his stuff. After training he is always shooting, trying to improve. As a young kid, if you look at him it is an honour to train with someone like him to see and ask questions. That is massive for the young guys.”

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