Football News: Top 10 Attacking Midfielders

Top 10 Attacking Midfielders
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Top 10 Attacking Midfielders


10. Thomas Muller – Bayern Munich

A few years back he was the best around, but his performance level has been gradually dropping by the season. Now he is just about scraping into the top 10 on past performances. Unless he plays better when football resumes, this will be his final time in the top 10.


9. Mesut Ozil – Arsenal

Once so good he was breathtaking, now completely misused by Arsenal for years but still turns it on when they do play him to his strengths. Even though he has had a disappointing last few years, still his creation of chances is unbelievable in pure numbers. Imagine how good he would be if they actually knew what to do with him?


8. Nicolo Zaniolo – AS Roma

The Italian is on quite the opposite trajectory to Muller, his star is rising while Muller’s dims. Zaniolo has had an impressive season and is a player that is sure to be attracting the attention of other clubs. The only thing keeping him down here is that he is young, so has not yet got the lengthy history of high-level performances.


7. Bernardo Silva – Manchester City

Exceptional player but it is difficult to figure out which is his best position, right mid or attacking mid. He is excellent in either, though overshadowed in the City team by his namesake and the brilliant Belgian De Bruyne. Personally I do feel he will establish himself in the centre once the Spanish magician leaves at the end of this season, so he is in as an attacking mid for my lists.


6. Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United

Has been a revelation at United, though he was excellent before that in a much weaker league. Since his move Fernandes has shown he is good enough for the higher level in the English Premier League. More than good enough. Fernandes has become United’s key player already.


5. Luis Alberto – Lazio

The Spaniard has come a long way since his failed spell with Liverpool. He has completely rebuilt his reputation as an exciting playmaker and become a key figure for Lazio as they challenged for the title. To have recovered from such a poor spell shows what a good mentality he has.


4. James Maddison – Leicester City

Has been key to Leicester’s improvement this season as he provides the creativity they had been lacking. Still has areas to improve on, such as terrible dives, but he has shown some real quality. His set-piece delivery is especially good and he is one of the better players in the game right now at putting deadballs in.


3. Paulo Dybala – Juventus

Dybala is so much better in a slightly deeper role, though he does need to work on his pressing to help the team. His quality on the ball usually makes up for any deficiencies, as he has finally started to look like the player everyone expected him to become.


2. David Silva – Manchester City

The little Spaniard is quite simply a magician, it is only age and injuries that have seen him not be as effective as usual this season. Still a wonderful player, who is not just a creative genius but also hard working and willing to put his foot in when needed. Silva has grown into possibly the best foreign player of the Premier League era and it is sad that his time has ended in such a way.


1. Kevin de Bruyne – Manchester City

What more can you say about de Bruyne that his media admirers have not already said? He is the darling of the sports media, but this season he has fully earned all the plaudits, when played in his best role. The problem he has is that Pep often plays him in a deeper role, which lessens his effectiveness. I do worry that one day he is going to spontaneously combust as his face is so red, but what a player he can be.

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